Advertise with Local Schools!

  • Great opportunity for local businesses and community events.
  • Great advertising opportunities geared to your specific target audience.
  • Drive traffic & improve your website's inbound links

Advertisers can target by geography, allowing their ads to be shown to visitors of a certain region, state, or school district or several geographic areas or school districts.

  • Advertise for as low as $10 a Market per month! (Minimum AD run time 6 Months.)
  • Call us now for this excellent Marketing Opportunity!
  • Sign up for one year and get a 10% discount.

Banner advertising is one of the most popular and cost effective ways of marketing your products and services on the Internet. Our banner advertising plan is targeted, audited, and reliable. In fact, banner advertising on our site is one of the greatest advertising values you will find.

Please contact us to at 847-680-8811 discuss the best advertising plan for you or fill out the form below.

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